Boulanger Labs specializes in the creation of innovative and unique audio tools and is dedicated to all who delight in creating and sharing beautiful noise.


Csound is a free, open-source programming language used for sound design, music synthesis, and signal processing. Csound was written in the mid-80s by Dr. Barry Vercoe at the MIT Media Labs and is a direct descendent of the MUSIC V language written at Bell Labs by the "Father of Computer Music" – Dr. Max V. Mathews.

Over the years, Csound has continued to be developed and expanded with hundreds of new opcodes (signal processing modules), features, and capabilities. It has significantly grown with the code, instruments, music, articles, tutorials, and documentation contributed by a number of brilliant programmers, sound designers, composers, and computer musicians from around the world.

It is our hope at Boulanger Labs, that by using Csound as the audio engine for our applications, the language will continue to grow and evolve for many more generations.

Boulanger Labs

Boulanger Labs is a small team of musicians and developers working to provide an outlet for the endless possibilities present within the Csound language. Our goal is to allow users, be they musicians or technologists, to explore the vast world of Csound through mobile applications and audio units designed to encourage all skill levels to experiment, create, and share unique sonic experiences.

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